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We are a group of entertainment industry professionals with over 20 years of experience, and we have a network of contacts inside the biggest celebrity management companies, agencies and publicity houses.  Our celebrity contact database has over 55,000 addresses, phone numbers and emails to celebrities, billionaires, TV personalities, politicians, philanthropists, rock stars, book authors, high-profile executives and other types of VIPs -- OUR DATABASE IS UPDATED DAILY!

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If you want to contact a celebrity or other type of important person, we give you all of the business contacts we have on file: agent, manager, lawyer, publicity agent, private office, production company, etc.  We do NOT give out the celebrity's personal information. Each celebrity order is only $4.95 and we give you a minimum of 1 contact and up to 10 contacts per order (based on what we have on file).  All transactions are made securely through PayPal.  We do have bulk order discounts, and feel free to email us ahead of time to confirm we have the information you need on record.  Your celebrity contact information is guaranteed accurate or your money back. As an additional bonus, we send you a short guide with special tips for contacting celebrities with success!

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